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It wasn’t too long ago that I was working non-stop and prioritizing work at the cost of being present in my life. I'm still a work in progress, but gaining an in depth understanding of my finances made a huge difference as I felt more empowered and confident with the decisions that I made, both personally and professionally.  

My goal is to work alongside business owners and provide ease, clarity and confidence with their business finances. Ultimately empowering them to do the work they want and love to do without sacrificing the things they want out of life. Allowing them to be more intentional with their yes' and at peace with their no's.

Lets work together & give yourself some margin to be both present in your life and profitable in your business. 

Give yourself some margin. 

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  • Top to bottom monthly bookkeeping - categorizing and reconciling your transactions with your bank account.
  • Monthly Reports (Profit & Loss & Balance Sheet)
  • Hubdoc subscription (free). This is your go-to hub for all things receipts.
  • W9 Collection & 1099 Filing
  • Email + Voxer support (for all those on the go questions)

LLC Partnerships or with an S-Corp election are $350/month and includes payroll setup and management.

This service is perfect once you’re ready to turnover your books or get your books started and let me do my thing. You can sit back, read your monthly reports, ask me all the questions + feel confident knowing that I’ve got you covered. 

This service starts at $250 and includes:

Monthly Bookkeeping

  • Onboarding to accounting software, Xero (does not include monthly software cost)
  • Hubdoc integration setup - this is free and the hub for all of your receipts.
  • Customized Chart of Accounts
  • Input of historical data from prior years (up to 2-3 years)
  • Two 1.5 hr training sessions (including onboarding). These sessions will be recorded and sent via email for reference
  • Email support for 30 days

Payment plans available.

This service is perfect for getting your business all setup and rolling with an accounting software that you're able to manage on your own. 

This service is $1200 and includes:

Bookkeeping Setup & Training

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  • State Registration - Articles of Organization will be sent from the state
  • IRS EIN Application - Digital document will be provided immediately

This does not include the cost to register with your state.

If you’re unsure of how to register your business with your state, this service will cover all your bases - registering your business with your state and the IRS. 

This service is $100 per business registration and includes: 

LLC Business Registration

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First, we all gotta start somewhere and I am here to help. Second, bring on the messy books - I love a good bookkeeping clean up! If your current books are a mess - we will work together to get them sorted and ready to go moving forward. If your books don't exist - we can change that and get your books started and customized to your business' needs. Definitely don't let the messy or non-existent books get in your way - tackling this with support makes such a huge difference and will feel SO good.

What if my books are a mess or don’t exist? 

Sometimes a change is needed, I totally get it! If you're looking to make the switch, we would talk this over and develop a list of what is needed from your current bookkeeping service to ensure I have all the information needed and that you're able to complete and wrap up services. Once wrapped up, I will double check everything to make sure we set and good to go. Additionally, I am also always willing to be put in touch with the previous bookkeeping service to make sure everything is as smooth as possible too!

What does the process look like if I am currently working with another bookkeeping service?

No, I do not offer tax services or offer tax advice. However, I am happy to refer you to the amazing tax preparers I know and work with!

Do you offer tax services?

While I am familiar with other software, I will forever be one of Xero’s biggest fans. Xero is the accounting software that I use for business and for my clients. I have found their software to be reliable, user friendly and their customer support is top notch (which makes all the difference when it comes to finances). If you're interested in learning more about Xero, let's chat!

What accounting software do you use?

What the FAQ?


Give Yourself Some Margin

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Olivia of Olivia Doerfler Photography

Nothing beats the peace of mind I have about my finances! As a small business owner, I have to wear so many different hats constantly. I love that Alicia takes one of those hats off for me and I never have to wonder if I'm forgetting something or falling behind. And I love that I have access to her wisdom and opinion for my financial decisions since I don't have a boss or other coworkers to consult! Alicia creates margin in your business that will allow you to do some of the other things you've always wanted to do but never had time for!

Tiffany of Tiffany Joy Photography

Hiring Alicia to do my bookkeeping was the easiest and best decision I have made for my business. Since working together, I've been able to watch my business hit record numbers and simultaneously experienced zero stress during tax season. Her personality and expertise immediately put me at ease and there is no one I would trust more with my books!

Kait Bradford of Three Feather Photo Co

Where to even start! Working with Alicia is like having someone way smarter than you holding your hand through big scary numbers, with no judgement. She is fast, on top of communication, and never leaves you hanging. She makes sure you always understand what she's done, but not have to worry about carrying the load. Working with Alicia has simplified my finances, and taken a huge load off of my plate! I am less stressed and more organized!

Lizzie of Lizzie Schlafer Photography

Working with Alicia has been one of the most important moves in expanding my business in, quite possibly, the most chaotic time in my life. As a solo business owner and a mom to a toddler I have my hands full 24/7 and one of the last things on my mind is handling my books. Alicia came in and made sense of my books and has eliminated so many stressors in the back end of my business. She has continued to provide me with education on my expenses, how my profit margins are moving forward and how to keep an eye on my finances. It has been worth every single penny.

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