Hello, I'm Alicia

I'm a pro at petting dogs

To be invited into people's lives to document them is such an honor and I can't adequately express how much joy it brings me. Life happens so fast and being entrusted to document beautiful and honest moments to be remembered, shared and cherished is so incredibly special. 

To be invited into the inner workings of an individual's and business' finances is naturally sensitive. Regardless of where someone is at - I provide a safe space, approach with curiosity, education and encouragement. Helping business owners make sense of their finances and feel empowered with their money is beyond exciting. 

It's important to listen.
It's important to strive to understand.
It's important to feel seen. 
It's these beliefs and values that I have crafted my businesses around as I want people to walk away from our time together feeling seen and heard. 


With consent of course, because I'm a professional. I'm over here dreaming up my future home with plenty of land and more dogs to rescue.

Pro at petting dogs


Yes, we did have brinner at our wedding and 10/10 recommend! Doesn't get much better than bacon, eggs, potatoes and blueberry lemon curd waffles.

Breakfast food Stan


Windows down, music blaring and singing Chiodos, Boys Like Girls, Taking Back Sunday, Circa Survive and Paramore at the top of my lungs will forever be a core memory. It's not a phase, it's a lifestyle.

Emo is not dead


Rekindled my love over the last couple of years and now I play on the regular with some of my best friends. Currently enjoying The Last of Us & Baldur's Gate.

Video Gamer


This Is Me


The two places that I call home.
But I'm always down to travel as I love documenting people in places that are meaningful to them.

Indianapolis + Cleveland

 you can Find me exploring in